My Research

Everything that I do and research, I do in an effort to benefit users of all technology, documents, and products to create better experiences while interacting with them.

That focus and desire to improve user experiences has become a research agenda devoted to usability/UX, content strategy, and collaboration. These pursuits have recently included: a project investigating user-generated content strategy in an open-source content management system, which resulted on an article for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication entitled, “iFixit Myself: User-Generated Content Strategy in “The Free Repair Guide for Everything” and its follow-up, "'Hey, Such-and-Such on the Internet Has Suggested …': How to Create Content Models That Invite User Participation," an article in Kairos on maker rhetoric, “Building Rhetoric One Bit at a Time: A Case for Maker Rhetoric with littleBits,” and an edited collection in the ATTW book series, Content Strategy in Technical Communication.

I am always interested in making connections within my department, interdisciplinary connections across departments/colleges at Kennesaw State University, and collaborating with new colleagues across different universities and industries. Below, I have listed a few of my current research projects that are "in the works." However, if there's anything that interests you or sparks an idea that you'd like to work with me on, I am always happy to contribute to new projects and collaborate with new people!

Current Projects

Content Strategy

Currently looking to the next phase after the release of our edited collection on Content Strategy in Technical Communication, and where the future of content strategy is going.
User Experience (UX)

My most recent UX project is focused on researching the best practices of mobile user experience across academic and industry researchers.
Students as Co-Designers

A project based off of my dissertation, illustrating the effectiveness of user-centered and participatory design practices involving undergraduate students to build the "ideal online, collaborative experience."
Autonomous Vehicles

My newest project comes in the form of studying autonomous vehicles and driving simulators in an effort to improve the user experience of the drivers riding in the vehicle. More specifically, these studies begin to investigate what happens to the user's experience in the vehicle when a self-driving car malfunctions and needs to give control back to the driver.

Would you like to collaborate on a new project?