New Dashboard Discovery Research

Below you will find a project overview for a multi-round discovery research project focused on understanding what current clients and prospective clients might want or expect in a new dashboard within the banking website and mobile app.

Project Overview

Context / Problem:
Utilizing prior research conducted at the bank before my arrival along with discussions with product and design partners, the need for an improved dashboard experience was discovered. Instead of looking to just make small improvements or changes to the current dashboard experience, we wanted to start from the ground up and understand a little more about what current clients or prospective clients may need, expect, or wish to have in a dashboard feature within their banking platform.

One round of research was conducted per month, resulting in a 4-month long project. Each month, I would block off one week for research, recruit and schedule participants, and work with design partners to make prototype designs readily available .All methods were utilized during 1-hour long virtual 1 on 1 interviews between myself and my participants.

Research rounds included:

- Discovery questions to understand what users expect or want in a new dashboard.
- Early-stage prototype concept walkthroughs and concept testing for viability.
- Preference testing between multiple concepts, layouts, and possible feature designs.

My Role:
This project was conducted within my “workstream” – an area of focus within the bank – in which I am the sole researcher. I managed the budget for testing and recruitment, set up meetings and coordinated stakeholder engagement from design and product, developed research protocols, conducted over 30 hours worth of 1:1 interviews with participants, analyzed data, developed key takeaways and recommendations, and presented findings to stakeholders.

- Research protocol documentation for 4 separate rounds of research.
- Miro boards with screenshots, tasks, and questions available to stakeholders for collaborative opportunities.
- 4 separate research readout presentations with recommendations and key takeaways, each being presented to over 50 stakeholders across multiple departments within the bank.

The impact of this project was felt after each round of research was completed and each readout was given. With each readout presenting stakeholders with multiple key takeaways and opportunities for improvement, these findings informed each subsequent prototype design to be utilized in the following month’s study. After 4 total rounds of research and multiple iterations on increasingly higher fidelity prototypes, our findings influenced the new dashboard currently being put into production.

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